8 Salads You Can Still Eat on the Keto Diet

8 Salads You Can Still Eat on the Keto Diet

Regardless of your diet, veggies should always be part of the equation. While plans such as keto promote you to restrict carbs — and by extension starchy crops such as potatoes and maize — if you make intelligent decisions, you can still savor a veggie-packed salad.

We’ve collected eight salad ingredients to maintain you satisfied, healthy and in line with your keto objectives— all with 20 grams (or less) of carbs per serving!

Turkey and Ham Chef’s Salad chef’s salad

This chef’s salad combines two of the most keto-friendly vegetables: asparagus and roman lettuce, with only 2.1 and 1.2 grams of net carbs per serving. Add the fact that it’s chock-filled with healthy egg and walnut oil fats and packed with lean ham and turkey protein, and you’ve got the most ideal keto salad in the world.

Mark’s Big-Ass Keto Salad

Due to low-carb cruciferous vegetables such as broccolini, fitness author Mark Sisson’s go – to keto salad keeps carbs to a minimum.

Best part? Best part? This salad provides a double dose of avocado buttery. Not only do you get to eat a whole avocado fruit, but from the mouth-watering avocado oil dressing you also get the heart-healthy, keto-approved fats.

Chicken With Mushrooms, Kale and Yuzu Salad

Kale provides this Asian-inspired salad with the base. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, when you are on keto, the leafy green is a wonderful source of essential nutrients.

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