What Is Chinese Massage? Its Uses and Advantages

What Is Chinese Massage? Its Uses and Advantages

Chinese Massage

Ancient Chinese specialists and professionals think that the body’s energy must flow continually to assist a person alleviate stress and prevent disease. There are two types of traditional Chinese massage: the “Tui na” and the “Zhi Ya.” The methods vary from each other, but after a session lasting at least 30 minutes, individuals will experience renewed power and vigor. Popular Chinese massage around the globe has become commonly used.

Chinese Massage Basics

Chinese massage is strongly linked to acupuncture and focuses on channels or energy points that will efficiently transport and guide the whole body through blood and energy, or “qi.” The goal is to strike a balance to protect the person from various types of infection and maintain the optimal function of all organs. The individual experiences pain when the channels are impeded or blocked and is susceptible to health issues. The masseuse can determine which paths are blocked and the pressure is needed.

Chinese Massage Techniques

Tui na includes stretching, kneading, and muscle pushing, while Zhi Ya includes pressing and pinching acupressure points to alleviate pressure and pain. Each method is based on relatively effective therapeutic principles such as stimulating the body to release more hormones, controlling blood flow, or boosting energy or regeneration. “Shou fa” or hand methods are further classified as sedating or “yin” methods and stimulating or “yang” methods. The concept is to balance both yin and yang to attain complete health.

Chinese massage therapy benefits

This massage therapy offers relief of pain from sore and wounded muscles. The methods enhance blood flow to regions that facilitate health and eliminate buildup of lactic acid. The methods also assist to create a mood that is calm and relaxing. It’s a excellent way to rejuvenate and psychologically soothe individuals from stress. Regular massage sessions increase immunity and stop the development of degenerative illnesses that generally involve muscles, inner organs, and bones.

Chinese Massage for Healing

It will promote healing and hasten recovery by boosting blood flow and circulation to various pressure points in the body. People can revitalize their bodies by going once or twice a month for a 30-to 60-minute massage. A research in the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” in September 2010 showed that massage therapy improves muscle repair and regeneration. People with issues such as hypertension, diabetes, muscle disease, and infection can also accelerate recovery through Chinese massage methods. For lung issues and heart conditions, some methods can be useful.

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