Will Reverse Dieting Help You Lose Weight?

Will Reverse Dieting Help You Lose Weight?

“Eating more, losing weight” sounds like a job that is impossible. After all, one of the primary weight loss guidelines is “calories in, calories out,” which refers to the concept that you will gain weight if you consume more than you burn off. However, eating more can be the key to keeping a lean physique for some individuals.

What is Reverse Dieting

Adding more to your plate is particularly efficient for individuals who have been dieting for years or who are coming out of restrictive diets. In very tiny phases, the technique, known as inverse diet, includes gradually growing calories. It enables you to reach a standard, more viable calorie level after a restrictive diet without adding pounds. “While bodybuilders use it to construct muscle, it can be used by a regular individual to allow ongoing weight loss and to prevent plateauing generally connected with chronic diet,” says Brocha Soloff, RD, CPT.

How Reverse Dieting Recalibrates Your Metabolism

Fitness competitors often adopt ultra-restrictive diets as they prepare themselves on stage to bare their bods. However, many of those ultra-fit males and females are struggling to keep their lean physiques after their contests are over. According to a review article released in Current Obesity Reports in December 2016, restrictive regimens may cause the metabolism to slow down while the body adapts to become more effective and burn less calories.

In a inverse diet, while maintaining protein intake comparatively constant, you slowly boost your calorie consumption back to a standard maintenance level. Although Norton claims that everyone reacts slightly differently, he realized that slow calorie consumption usually enabled a better reaction. “There is plenty of science proof to promote alternative day diet— like three days off and one day off, or two weeks off and three days off— as long as off-days are specific and not uncontrollable,” notes Soloff.

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